Juti Noppornpitak

Rediscover Tokyo - Part 5 - Kawagoe

Kawagoe, is also not in Tokyo but Saitama.

(09.16) After hiking a crazy 6-kilometer trail in 3 hours, many people would lay low and gently live the day. I did not do that unfortunately.

In the morning, I met up with Chika and we took an express train to Kawagoe.

I use the street-photography style for this trip. So, I left all gears back at Patara’s apartment in order to travel light.

Kawagoe is a lovely town and exhibits the atmosphere of the ancient architecture, which you may easily find in Nara, and a post-war architecture, which is built between 1960s - 1980s. My goal was to explore an ancient town and buy sweets from a local sweet shop.

Nevertheless, the extreme heat threw us off a bit and so we spent lots of time on resting.

After wandering for more than five hours in Kawagoe, we decided to chill down with a short visit to Tokyo Observation Town in Roppongi for a night landscape shot. We also accidentally had time to visit a barbie exhibition. I won’t recommend my aunt though.

After that we went for a bowl of ramen in the area before calling for the day.

There were a couple things that I have experienced for the first time from the trip to Kawagoe.


Earthquake (minor) and an earthquake alert via mobile network

The earthquake which was originated from 24 km NE of Saitama and 1 km SE of Sakai at 1228h happened to be minor. Having said that, I received a few messages checking if I was okay as soon as the earthquake occured.

What was interesting was the alert sent to Chika’s. I first thought it was a weird ringtone but later She told me it was an earthquake alert. It is very interesting to see how it works in action. Nevertheless, the alert arrived just a few seconds before the earthquake. It shows a little promise of advanced warning unfortunately but it is good enough in case of the evacuation is needed.


High-school Baseball Match (高校野球試合)

As we got lost in the middle of the trip (thank to me), we accidentally had chance to see a local high-school-level baseball match. The match ended with the home team having gotten a shut-out game at 0-1.

The cheering squad was pretty small yet powerful from both sides. Enough to shake the small stadium.

I also saw a number of serious observers and scouts behind the catcher. How serious? These guys equipped with video recoders and speed guns.

Primary:Nikon D810 with Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G
Backup:Fujifilm X100S